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Speaker pro tempore replaced at student senate

The student senate voted to remove Ian Herd as speaker pro tempore Feb. 8. He was replaced by Aden Lloyd. A piece of legislation was also introduced to remove nominees from the senate chambers during debate, in response to Student Body President Reedy Newton's veto of a bill that would allow the student senate to enter executive session to debate nominees. 

Student Government constitution and codes clash, executive session to be allowed for nominations in student senate

Student Body President Reedy Newton now has until the end of the day Friday to sign or veto a campaign spending bill that the student senate passed on Jan. 18. The deadline has been extended because the Student Government executives realized the student government codes and constitution offer different deadlines and are choosing to abide by those set in the constitution for the time being.

INFOGRAPHIC: College? In this economy?

Between rising tuition, greater personal expenses and the possibility of needing more loans to pay for school, students are particularly vulnerable to the effects of inflation.