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 Spiritual wellness guide and holistic practitioner Nubia Ankh Ka gives a divine perspective on healing through the energy of our universe in her store Cosmic Goddess. 

Local holistic practitioner shares spiritual journey

Nubia Ankh Ka's life was turned upside down when her uncle died. She began to think about life in a different way, resulting in her completely changing her lifestyle and beginning a business. Read here to find out more about her journey.

Playlist of the week: Facing fall

With summer coming to a halt and cold weather moving in, it's time to face fall. What better way to welcome autumn than with some easy listening? This fall playlist is a warm latte and your favorite book. 

Review: 'The Devil All the Time' is sinfully good time

Starring Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and a bevy of other actors, "The Devil All the Time" has a gothic tale spanning many timelines all centered on the dangers of religious fanaticism. While the latest film on Netflix isn't without sin, it is nonetheless a darkly enjoyable ride.

Artwork by Aldric Morton

Aldric Morton listens, creates art through conversation

"Empathetic Translation," a collection by Aldric Morton, brings conversations and stories to scale. People of all races, genders, pasts, traumas and triumphs come together in a virtual gallery through the unique process of layering, stitching and, most importantly, listening.

Column: Go take a hike

Whether you are looking to take a "walk in the park" or a "walk in the woods,"  Columbia and its surrounding area has a trail for everyone.