Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter Feb. 11 - Feb. 16

A drunk student couldn't recall his birthday, a suspicious person was arrested in Greek Village, a CarolinaCard was stolen, USC and 650 Lincoln property was stolen and Bates House had a multitude of crimes. 

Crime Blotter: 2/4/17-2/10/17

A student threw up in the Green Quad stairwell, a trespasser fell asleep on a Russell House couch, a coyote got caught in a trap, an SG elections banner was stolen and a homeless man slept in the Capstone bathroom this week in crime at USC. 

Crime Blotter: 1/28/17 - 2/4/17

Green Quad was searched for drugs, a man stole protein bars from Barnes & Noble, a man had a backpack with essentials for beer pong and an intoxicated man was found banging his head in the elevator.

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