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In our opinion: Pulaski Street development plans could alleviate housing needs

With the national economy in its usual gloomy state, few things could fare Columbia better than a $100 million influx into its economy; USC, facing a staggering growth in its undergraduate population, could use a few more beds; Pulaski Street and its surrounding areas, mainly warehouses and neglected parking lots, might be put to better use.

Editor: Memorable moments mark newspaper

Right now, I’m sitting on the couch in The Daily Gamecock’s newsroom. People that I’ve known for years and people that I’ve known for only months are sitting around me, discussing today’s paper, their classes and how we’re going to get the paper done before deadline tonight.

Affordable Care Act helps some at the price of many

When the Affordable Care Act (or ACA) was introduced in the late 2000s, many policy makers warned that the law would force health insurance companies to go out of business, increase healthcare costs for almost everyone and force millions of Americans to leave their plans.

In Our Opinion: Renovations will be good, but more should be done

The plans for an addition to USC’s health center sound fantastic — 64,500 more square feet, a fresh new look and plenty of chances for Student Health Services to expand its offerings. They also raise a 40,000-square-foot question: What about the current building? To say the Thomson Student Health Center, built in 1973, is outdated is putting it mildly.