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Letter from the editor: Welcome home

Whether you were in town or away this summer, our print edition has you covered with everything you need to know. From getting a new president and revamping our dining experience to a look ahead at the football and concert seasons, read on to get a reminder of what makes this place home. 

A graphic of South Carolina congressional districts, who is running in each district and who is running for certain highly anticipated positions on November 8. 

Column: Educate yourself early this midterm season

The South Carolina primaries were recently held, it's important for South Carolinians to educate themselves about the elections and all the candidates running. The current polarization of this country is at an all-time high and these midterms will be very telling for the future of America. 

Column: Ways to beat the heat

With the onset of heat waves in the U.S. this year, it has been hard to deal with this sudden rise in temperature. Here are some ways to help you cool down throughout the school year.