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Playlist of the week: Quarantine

03/29/2020 7:02pm

This extended time at home might be unfortunate, but it is the perfect opportunity to discover new music. Here's a quarantine playlist to get you started. 

Column: Brunch places thrive in Columbia

02/02/2020 7:27pm

Brunch is always a popular meal, both for its opportunities to spend time with family and friends and for the food. In Columbia, brunch culture is thriving because of restaurants such as Cafe Strudel, Drip and Eggs Up Grill. 

Music lovers keep vinyl alive

01/12/2020 8:45pm

Vinyl record sales are expected to surpass CD sales this year, due to decreasing CD sales and music lovers keeping vinyl alive in the streaming age. 

Student musician Kate Vera dreams of 'making it big'

11/03/2019 6:11pm

Kate Vera's dream of "making it big" in the music industry has been a passion of hers since childhood. Today as a college student, she performs gigs at hotels and writes her own pop music. 

Playlist of the week: Bleachers' beats

04/02/2019 11:29pm

Jack Antonoff, the lead singer of Bleachers, produces and performs songs that take you on an emotional rollercoaster, urging you to break out your dancing shoes. 

Playlist of the week: Women on the mic

03/05/2019 7:57pm

In honor of Women's History Month, this week's playlist dives into the oft-overlooked and pigeonholed contributions of women to contemporary music. 

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