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A student waits for her meal to be prepared outside of Russell House’s True Balance restaurant on March 19, 2023. USC has recently introduced kosher and halal food options to different dining locations on campus.

USC introduces halal, kosher options to campus dining

USC has made halal and kosher food options available on campus after calls for inclusion from Jewish and Muslim students. Before, students had to either search for expensive options off campus or loosen their adherence to their diet while on campus. Organization leaders are pleased with this development but also said they have some suggestions.

Student Body President-elect Emily “Emmie” Thompson answers a question at the Student Government debate on Feb. 15, 2023. She promoted her campaign by advertising “tangible” goals and promises. 

New student body president, 2023 executive candidates share campaign finances, response to campaign spending cap injunction

Candidates for USC Student Government office say that the removal of spending limits for the election season did not really impact their spending, and that they generally agree with having campaign finance reforms. Multiple candidates, including Student Body President-Elect Emmie Thompson, said that the limits were rushed and include some loopholes.

INFOGRAPHIC: South Carolina on my mind

South Carolina is a unique state with a rich history, and many of its state symbols reflect that. From the palmetto tree to tea, these symbols represent South Carolina and make it the state that many students call home. 

INFOGRAPHIC: The process of applying for disability accommodations

Many students struggle to get through college while dealing with mental health issues that may hinder their academic performance or quality of life. By applying for disability accommodations through the Student Disability Resource Office, USC students can receive the resources and assistance they need to succeed. Here’s a guide for the process of applying for accommodations.