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Columbia’s flooded history, how to stay safe

08/15/2019 3:20pm

USC has a recent history of attracting inclement weather over fall semesters, so The Daily Gamecock chronicled the past experiences and provided some tips if caught in extreme weather. 

The Board of Trustees postpones vote on Gen. Caslen due to court orders

07/11/2019 10:28pm

A Richland County judge has placed a temporary injunction that will prevent the Board of Trustees from voting this Friday on Gen. Robert L. Caslen as the next USC president. Simultaneous meetings were held prior to the injunction, both calling for the board to cancel the vote ahead of time.

Student Government holds forum to address controversial presidential vote

07/11/2019 3:35pm

Student Government held a forum Wednesday night to address Gov. McMaster's forced presidential vote this Friday. Students and faculty started an online petition against the controversial move and alumni have also shown disapproval in an open letter sent to the Board of Trustees.

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